Intel(r) Performance Counter Monitor
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CoreCounterState Class Reference

(Logical) core-wide counter state More...

#include <cpucounters.h>

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class PCM

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from BasicCounterState
BasicCounterStateoperator+= (const BasicCounterState &o)
int32 getThermalHeadroom () const
 Returns current thermal headroom below TjMax.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BasicCounterState
void readAndAggregate (SafeMsrHandle *)
- Protected Attributes inherited from BasicCounterState
uint64 InstRetiredAny
uint64 CpuClkUnhaltedThread
uint64 CpuClkUnhaltedRef
union {
   uint64   L3Miss
   uint64   Event0
   uint64   ArchLLCMiss
union {
   uint64   L3UnsharedHit
   uint64   Event1
   uint64   ArchLLCRef
union {
   uint64   L2HitM
   uint64   Event2
union {
   uint64   L2Hit
   uint64   Event3
uint64 InvariantTSC
uint64 CStateResidency [PCM::MAX_C_STATE+1]
int32 ThermalHeadroom
uint64 L3Occupancy

Detailed Description

(Logical) core-wide counter state

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